Koala League - Disability Baseball

"The Koala League is a modified Tball/Baseball competition played in conjunction with Summit Disability Network, Hills baseball and associated clubs. 

Where people of all abilities are able to play and achieve success on the same diamond. The rules and playing field are modified to help each player to be an important member of the team and help the team succeed. 

While winning is important, the most important part of the Koala League is to have fun and enjoy playing sport with your friend win, lose or draw." 

Details for the competition are as follows

- 9 week  spring competition

- 13th Oct to the 15th Dec. 

- Each side to have a nominated coach and manager

- Players to register their interest to play by the 22nd Sept with bernard.boys@summitdisability.org.au

- Further rego details to send out when clarified